Request for Proposals
Statewide CSEC Training for Educators & Administrators


WEAVE was selected to develop and implement the Early Identification of Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Training Program for the state of California. The project is funded through a grant from the California Office of Emergency Services. The purpose of the project is to provide schools with education and tools to identify, intervene, and ultimately prevent the commercial sexual exploitation of children through in-person and online training and learning activities. The training program’s target audiences include K-12 educators, administrators, school personnel, and students.

A key project deliverable is the development and implementation of a secure, online learning website where access to all trainings, modules and educational tools are available to K-12 educators, administrators, school personnel, and students throughout the state. WEAVE will provide experts to develop content, create storyboards, and participate in design process. 

WEAVE is soliciting proposals to design, test, and launch the online training website for this project. The funded project budget allows for $32,000 – $40,000 for total costs for the RFP.

Key dates for RFP Process:

  • 11/21/18 – Proposals due by 5 pm
  • 12/14/18 – Contract award announced

UPDATE – Decision delayed until contracting with funder is completed. Responders to RFP have been notified of delay.

  • 01/08/19 – Mandatory Kick off meeting at 1 pm at WEAVE

The RFP timeline is subject to change. The current information will be maintained on this webpage.

Questions Regarding RFP Requirements – All questions must be submitted in writing per RFP instructions. All questions and responses will be posted to this page to allow for review by all applicants. 

The RFP can be downloaded here.

Questions & Answers

The following questions have been submitted for clarification:

Have you been using any existing LMS systems or done a comparison? If so, are you looking to integrate with an existing LMS system or something completely proprietary?  

WEAVE adapted it’s Silence Doesn’t Work Here program to e-learning ( a year ago. WEAVE does not require the proposed project to integrate with this site and it can be completely proprietary. 

The following two info requests appear in the RFP: 1) Describe company’s e-learning solutions and how they fit with other company offerings or products. 2) Describe three relevant work projects including an overview of the design process, timeline for project, e-learning solutions provided, and challenges incurred and solutions used. Provide URLs for each project. My company isn’t a specific e-learning specialist. However, we have deep experience building a wide spread of mobile app and web solutions. Are you looking for teams with specific e-learning experience or is this an open call?

We do not require the selected contractor to be an e-learning expert. We are interested in reviewing proposals that can demonstrate the ability to deliver the required interactive e-learning components in an attractive, easy to navigate and sustainable website. We will consider similar successful work with evidence that the contractor can produce the expected deliverables. 


Can we assume that WEAVE will provide finalized and approved content for the eleven modules to include organization of content in course lessons and pages, screen text on course pages, narration scripts, and all tests?

Yes. The project is to adapt an approved curriculum to an e-learning environment. No part of the project requires content development. Please refer to page 3 of the RFP which includes a list of content and components which WEAVE will provide.

If the assumption in question 1 is correct, when would the finalized and approved content be provided?

 Draft content is expected to be ready for the mandatory kick off meeting for discussion purposes with discussion for needed refining to occur during that meeting and through the end of January.

Would WEAVE consider modifying the timeline to provide substantially more time to complete the contractor deliverables?

The timeline provided is based on funder requirements. The project must be completed and fully operational by the September 30, 2019 funding period end date. All other deliverable dates are dictated by funder requirements. Some flexibility within the timeline can be discussed but the contractor will be expected to complete all deliverables in a time frame that allows for comprehensive testing and subsequent updates.